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Differential and Difference equations
Communication and skills for Technical Professional
Object Oriented Programming using C++ and JAVA
Theory of Computation and Compiler Design
Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour
Deregulated and Restructured Power Systems
Comprehensive Examination
Engineering Design
Text Books:

1. Huge Jack, “Engineering Design, Planning, and Management” Academic Press, 2013.

2. Gerhard Pahl, Wolfgang Beitz “Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach” 2014.

Reference Books:

1. Barry Hyman, “Fundamentals of Engineering Design”, 2nd edition, Pearson Education, 2003.

2. William C. Oakes and Les L. Leone, “Engineering Your Future: A Comprehensive Introduction to Engineering”, 8th Edition, Oxford University Press, 2014.

3. Crispin Hales, Shayne Gooch, “Managing Engineering Design”, II Edition, Springer, 2004.

4. Tracy Bhamra, Vicky Lofthouse, “Design for Sustainability: A Practical Approach”, Taylor and Francis, 2017.

5. Walter Brenner, Falk Uebernickel, “Design Thinking for Innovation: Research and Practice”, Springer, 2016

Topics Discussed:
Introduction to Course Syllabus
Course Objective
Course Outcome
Evaluation Pattern:
● Design Project Progress Report #1 (Oral): 15 %
● Design Project Report #2 (Written): 20%
● Continuous Assessment Tests: 30%
● Final Examinations: 30%
● Attendance: 5%
Fluid Mechanics for Aerospace Engineers
Materials Engineering and Technology
Engineering Project in Community Service